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We are grateful to Nancy Peters McEntee and Sally Peters Janett for donating this collection of photos of the construction of the American LaFrance Factory. The photos are all dated with the month and day. The year was 1920.

Now owned by the General Plastics Corporation, this facility was formerly owned by Westinghouse Plastics and before World War II, by the International Projection Corporation, manufacturers of motion picture cameras. Mumford's The Story of Bekelite notes that during World War I, the Delco Company delivered 25,000 "sets of ignition equipment" to the Liberty Motor company for their engines installed in military vehicles and aircraft. According to Mumford, "The duplicate distributor heads, having twelve ignition points, were among the most perfect examples of Bakelite molding that have ever been produced." It is possible that the La France Avenue plant was engaged in production of these parts.” (1995, Lynn Drobbin & Associates)

Editor's note: It is even more likely that manufacturing parts with Bakelite was done in Bloomfield since Bakelite was also manufactured in Bloomfield.

This is from Newark City Subway Extension - Vehicle Base Facility: Response to SHPO 9/28/95 Comment, Lynn Drobbin & Associates, November 1, 1995

The photos were printed on linen paper and were digitized and enhanced by Rich Rockwell.

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