Historical Society of Bloomfield | Photo Gallery | Presbyterian Church Lantern Slides

These glass lantern slides were made when Dr. Sinclair was minister of the Old First Church, now the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green. A Miss Clara C. Jones prepared the script in February of 1930. She was registrar of the Church at that time, as was her mother before her.

The slides were rediscovered, updated and presented in 1967. Many changes in the Church property took place between 1930 and 1967. A committee from the Old Church spent many hours arranging, preserving and captioning the slides.

The slides were rediscovered in 2014 by Church Elder, Don Cornell along with the original 1930 captions and the captions updated in 1967. We include both sets of captions here. They are arranged in the order in which they were listed in the original script. The slides were digitized and enhanced by Rich Rockwell and presented by Mr. Cornell at the Historical Society in May of 2014.

The lantern slides were hand-colored. The coloring of the slides has been preserved in the condition they were found in in 2014. Some of the coloring has deteriorated over time.

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